What is CPPSP?

See here.

Why C++?

C++ is the only popular language that meets our design goals - performance and code maintainability. We've considered the D programming language too, and although we believe it is more well-designed than C++, platform and compiler support for D isn't nearly as complete as C++.

How do I run CPPSP?

Download one of the source tarballs from the "download" page, extract, cd to the extracted directory, and run:
make all -j3

What license is CPPSP under?

In versions below 1.0, it was licensed under GPLv3. Since 1.0, it has been re-licenced to GPLv2.

Which platforms are supported?

Currently CPPSP can only run on the linux kernel due to the use of epoll(7). Any GNU/Linux distribution with GCC (4.7 or newer) and glibc should be supported. CPPSP has no dependencies on any external libraries except the standard glibc libraries (libdl, libpthread, librt).

How do I participate in the development of CPPSP?

All development currently happens on the github repository. CPPSP resides in the "cppsp" and "cppsp_server" subdirectories. The "issues" list serves as a discussion board. To submit patches, simply fork the repository, commit your changes there, and send a pull request.