CPPSP (C++ Server Pages) is an open source web application framework similar to ASP.NET. It features a template parser that parses, compiles, and loads CPPSP pages automatically at runtime. CPPSP pages have a very similar syntax to ASP and ASP.NET, where all code is considered HTML by default, and server-side active code can be embedded using "<% ... %>".

CPPSP is built upon the CPoll asynchronous I/O and utility library, which offers simple I/O abstraction, network abstraction, memory management, and container classes.

CPPSP can either run as its own web server, or run under socketd. It can also be used as an embedded web server. FastCGI support may be added in the future. Main development happens on github at:

CPPSP currently only supports linux (due to the use of epoll). A windows port will be considered in the future.


The latest released branch is 1.0.




Send bug reports and feature requests to the issues list on the github repository.